ESET Smart Security Review

by The Team

Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Just in time for online holiday shopping, ESET released the latest version of its consumer security software, ESET Smart Security. This antivirus suite for Windows comes loaded with useful features, while still maintaining a light footprint that won't slow down your computer or your internet connection. Retail price is $59.99 to cover one PC for one year. Like most antivirus products, you can get discounts by signing up for multiple years or getting licenses to cover multiple computers. In this case, ESET Smart Security is $89.99 if you opt for two years of coverage or $104.99 to cover two PCs for two years. We highly recommend checking for coupons on before you buy. We've recently spotted valid promotion codes for up to 50% off ESET products, so it's definitely worth a look!

We recently had an opportunity to test out the newest Smart Security software in order to give customers like you a rundown of the latest features and usability. Downloading ESET Smart Security was a breeze. We received an email containing a license key and simple instructions on how to download and activate our new antivirus software. The installation took about 5 minutes from start to finish, and there were just a few easy prompts to follow along the way to get everything up and running. They even offer tips for ways to increase security on your laptop and links to their helpful knowledgebase as you go.

Once everything was installed and running, we got our first look at the latest version of the Smart Security software suite (Version 9, in case you're counting). The Home screen gives you a left sidebar navigation to easily locate features and interact with the software. It also includes a link to free cybersecurity training so you can educate yourself about safe Internet practices through real-world cybercrime scenarios. They also provide a button for banking & online payment protection. When clicked, it opens a secure browser that helps protect your personal information by encrypting the information your computer transmits online. This feature is new to this version of Smart Security, and we think it's a great value add given how many transactions the average user makes online and the proliferation of hackers looking to steal your identity.

The next tab down, Computer Scan, offers options for how and when you would like ESET's software to scan your computer. The default scan goes through all of your local discs and removes any threats it finds. Custom scan allows you to select what drives or files you would like scanned, how deeply you would like them scanned, and even customize the parameters ESET uses to identify threats. Fear not: you don't have to worry about your antivirus interrupting a meeting or slowing you down when you're on the go. If you're running another program in full screen, or if you're running on battery power, ESET switches to silent mode and holds off on updates and notifications that could be distracting or waste power.

The Update tab is fairly self-explanatory and tells you when the virus signature database was last updated, lets you update it again if you feel that's necessary, and allows you to manually check for Smart Security 9 software updates.

In the Tools section, you'll find another place to access the banking and payment protection feature and a button to customize your anti-theft controls. This is a great security feature that is gaining popularity among antivirus software companies. ESET's version allows you to mark your laptop as missing and remotely track its location from another computer or smartphone. You can also monitor who is using your device by taking photos through your missing device's webcam and see what they're accessing through covert screen captures. Want to get your device back? Send a message through and it will appear on your laptop's screen. There's also a link to more advanced tools that cover features like your network connections, system information and quarantined files.

If you want to change or customize any of the antivirus or security measures, check out the Setup tab. This shows you what features are activated for computer protection, internet protection, network protection and general security. You can manually disable or enable features according to the level of protection you want. If you're at a local coffee shop and decide to log in to their free Wi-Fi, ESET Smart Security will automatically detect that you're using an unsecured hotspot and make your device invisible to other computers connected to the same network. This section also covers parental controls, which allow adults to manage the type of content and websites their children an access when they go online.

ESET Smart Security is a powerful software suite that offers simple controls for those who just want to install and forget about their antivirus and security software. At the same time, they include over 150 customizable settings for advanced users who want total control over their security features. You can easily find detailed information like log files, threat statistics and real-time system activity so you can actively monitor what goes on behind the scenes. We highly recommend ESET Smart Security as an all-in-one antivirus and online security software suite for Windows users.

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