Trend Micro Maximum Security Review

by The Team

Posted on Monday, March 02, 2015

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Shopping Experience:

The Trend Micro website offers more than just computer security products. They help to educate consumers about the latest online scams and program vulnerabilities, recent privacy breaches, and internet security research, while also providing free webinars and advice about how to protect yourself in this crazy online world.

If you're looking for one of their software products, start by choosing home or business, and then you will be presented with a list of their current products. They feature security products for Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. You can choose either à la carte products like their Antivirus software that is currently only $29.95 and covers one Mac for one year, or all-in-one programs like Premium Security that includes antivirus, parental controls, smartphone protection, and system optimization. The comprehensive coverage is still very affordable and will cost you $59.95 to cover five devices for a year.

The Purchase:

After reviewing my options and weighing my security needs, I decided to go with the Trend Micro Maximum Security software. Currently offered for $49.95 for one year, this product combines traditional anti-virus and internet security software with parental controls, a system performance booster, and smartphone security that can help find a lost phone and even remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen device. It can be used on up to three devices, which means you can cover your computer, phone, and tablet all at once, and that makes this one of the most affordable internet security options for the level of coverage it provides. Be sure to check before you buy for current coupons and Trend Micro promotional codes to save you even more.

Once I decided to buy the Maximum Security software, it also gave me the option to upgrade to the Premium Plus Service Plan for an extra $20 a year. If you currently have a virus or spyware on your computer (or suspect that you might), this is an inexpensive option to get direct access to experts who can help restore your computer to its former glory and perform a security health check while they're at it. This is a much more affordable option than taking your computer to one of the big name electronics stores and paying one of their in-house experts to take a look at your computer. My computer is currently virus-free, so I opted to skip this upgrade.

On the checkout page, shoppers are presented with more add-on options. They pre-select the auto-renewal plan, so if you would rather handle your renewals manually, you'll have to click this link to de-select auto-renewals. They also include a "Download Protection Plan" for $8.95 that lets you re-download your software beyond the 30 day window they give you when you initially purchase it. This seems a little unnecessary and makes me wonder why they don't just let you download the software at any time within the one year subscription once you purchase it. Call me skeptical, but I opted out of both the auto-renew and the download protection by clicking the auto-renew link and trash can icon shown below.

Download & Installation:

Upon completing the purchase (they accept major credit cards and PayPal), I was brought to a confirmation page with an activation key and instructions for downloading and installing the software. I also received an order confirmation email with the same information and links to product and billing support in case there were any snags. Installation was fast and straightforward. All-in-all it took about 10 minutes, including the time it took to reboot my computer.

Using the Software:

The main user interface that pops up when you open Trend Micro Maximum Security is both intuitive to use and visually pleasing. There are four main paths to choose from depending on what you to protect.

"Device" allows you to configure the security settings for your computer, run a health checkup that optimizes your computer's performance, and add additional devices like another computer, a smartphone or a tablet. I opted to add my smartphone, and once I followed the instructions on how to download the Trend Micro app on my phone, I now have full mobile security as well! This provides another host of cool features like flagging suspicious apps, filtering bogus websites, and scanning for viruses. Also, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can go to the Trend Micro website to find its location, remotely lock it, and even wipe your phone's data if you need to.

"Privacy" lets you manage how much personal information is shared when you browse the internet and helps protect you against malicious links that sometimes make their rounds on social media sites like Facebook. You can also help stop data theft and prevent children from sharing personal information by letting Trend Micro know what types of information you don't want sent over the web such as your home address or phone number.

The "Data" tab is where you'll head to manage sensitive files, safeguard important passwords, and back up data from your computer and mobile devices.

Finally, "Family" is the hub of all parental controls. Here you can set schedules for how much time family members can spend online, what websites they can visit, and even block programs from running so you know your kids aren't secretly playing Minecraft when they say they're working on that social studies report.

Two little icons next to the scan button give you access to general settings and security reports. You can adjust the time of the automated scans, set scan preferences and protection levels, and decide what happens to files when a threat is detected. The security report gives you data on how many threats have been managed, posts the results of computer optimizations, and lets you know how many blocked websites those sneaky kids of your have tried to access!

My personal favorite (and completely unnecessary) setting is found by clicking the "Other Settings" button. This is where you can customize your Trend Micro background, and transform your antivirus and internet security software from plain and boring with one of their inspiring landscapes, or upload your own photo for a truly personalized security experience.

Final Score:

We gave Trend Micro 4.3 out of 5 stars for their internet security and antivirus products. Their website is easy to navigate and provides useful information for consumers who want to learn more about security threats and internet safety. They also offer free trials for most of their products so you can use them in real life before committing to a purchase. They have software that blocks viruses and other malware, protects your privacy on social media, prevents hackers from accessing your personal information, gives parents control over what their kids do on the computer, and allows you to back up your data in case anything ever happens to one of your devices. In summary, we found that Trend Micro offers software that is both practical and effective, while still being user friendly and not overloaded with confusing technical jargon.

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